ROYCE’ History 1983 Royce’ Confect Co., Ltd was established 1985 First product – Bar chocolate – was released 1990 Started production of Pure Chocolate 1995 Flagship product – Nama Chocolate – was born

1983Royce’ Confect Co., Ltd was established
1985First product – Bar chocolate – was released
1990Started production of Pure Chocolate
1995Flagship product – Nama Chocolate – was born
1999Started production of Nutty Bar and Baton Cookies
2001First overseas store was established in Singapore
2002Royce’s original Potato Chip Chocolate was invented
2002Two stores were established in Hong Kong
2004Started production of Chocolate Wafers
2005Royce’s unique Prafeuille Chocolate was released
2006First store opened in Malaysia
2007First store opened in Thailand
2008First store opened in Phillipines
2011Stores opened in Brunei, Indonesia, Russia and Taiwan
2012First store opened in USA
2013First store opened in India
2013First store opened in Australia


Japan is famous for world class production and the ROYCE’ factory is a perfect example of a state of the art Japanese factory.
Strict hygiene standards, together with world class machinery and ROYCE’s attention to detail ensures that every part of production is completely controlled.
Access the factory is limited, and before anyone can enter the production line area they must go through a number of processes to eliminate all foreign materials. All staff must change into factory-issued uniforms and shoes before passing through a high pressure wind tunnel to remove dust. Adhesive tape rollers are then used to ensure that no particles or dust remains on clothing. To complete the process, all staff must wash and disinfect their hands carefully.
All tanks, ducts and drainage pipes are made of stainless steel to prevent the growth of bacteria and all equipment is carefully disinfected on a daily basis. All pipes in the ventilation system of the factory are completely covered with fine mesh filters, enabling the plant managers to ensure a constant intake of dust-free fresh air.
Packing and dispatch of all goods are conducted in the same controlled environment so customers can be confident they will receive our world class quality products in pristine condition.